About us

i-clean Malta emerges from necessity. The new realities we are living in require that we become more savvy about cleaning. Understanding the need to explore new and better ways of cleaning the company seeks to introduce intelligent innovative ideas which will give better cleaning results to ensure the environment we live in is healthy and safe. Old methods of cleaning are increasingly becoming obsolete. We need to have the equipment and detergents to ensure that we are both cleaning and sanitizing in an appropriate way. In the long run investing in the better cleaning products will ensure your continued safe and healthy environment. i-clean stands for intelligent cleaning. We need to understand what we are doing when we clean. Cleaning superficially is no longer an option. The new threats out there cannot be under estimated. Coupled with these new threats, is also the need to develop a sense of duty towards our planet. Cleaning with products that cause harm to our environment should definitely be something of the past. We need to be better manage our cleaning. At i-clean we explore what is out there and understand how we can bring it to you, our client, to consciously enable you to make the better decision towards becoming a champion to safe guard our environment, whilst cleaning effectively and efficiently. Cleaning intelligently ensures the safety for you, your staff and our planet, whilst ensuring the environment is cleaner than clean.

Today i-clean Malta represents

i-team with products such as i-air, i-mop, i-vac, i-scrub, i-gum, i-wash, i-land, i-fibre, i-suit, i-matt, i-know, i-light, i-power
Tersano the providers of iClean Mini and SAO dispenser. Introducing the powerful cleaning innovation of Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO), using O₃ to clean and sanitize
Motor Scrubber providing the STORM wand the newly designed wand to combat the Covid-19
Depureco supplying industrial vacuums, ranging from vacuums for the collection of liquids, dry solids, dust, debris and swarf
Maxima supplying powerful steam vacuums
Ozonators supplying the required ozone equipment to sanitize rooms and environments using environment safe products

i-clean Malta seeks to understand the emerging market needs. We research and put together the right products. Our objective is to become the suppliers of innovative cleaning solutions required to combat the challenging new realities.